Sunday, August 3, 2008

Date Night with Ky-Ky: The OC Fair

One of my favorite nights of summer is the night we hit the OC Fair. I love the people we see, the food we eat, the laughs we share, and the memories we make.
Gunnar likes it because he gets to spend some time with his best gal, Ky-Ky. I have dreams that someday these two will go to the fair alone. That they will share cotton candy and a lemon slush. Walk hand in hand and make cracks about the funny things they see. I see them all snuggled-up through the tunnel of love, but until Gunnar is old enough to drive, and hopefully Ky-Ky still thinks he is cool then, the two of them are chaperoned by their parents and younger siblings.
Before we met up with Ky-Ky Gunnar was nervous; he didn't want to be set up. She would never do that son!
When he caught a glimpse of her arriving he started to get butterflies and feel all excited about the evening's adventures.
We love fair night with our friends.
It is the one night you just have to blow all caution to the wind in terms of food. I didn't photograph everything we tasted (Iwas too busy stuffing my face...), but believe me the list was long and delicious. It even included fried oreos...interesting for sure. Jaren loved them. I think I was the only one who wasn't super crazy about it. I did however gobble up the cinnamon roll I wait for each year. Yum!! The fair food was worth all the heartburn I endured later that night.
I always feel like Timpleton from Charlotte's Web when we leave the fair: fat and happy!!
Gunnar saw a rock climb on the way to dinner. After filling his belly with delcious fair delicacies he and Jaren headed off to conquer the rock wall.
They both suited up...
started up the mountain...(thanks for the help Adam!)
and then the smallest climber got a little too scared. One kept going and the other one decided he had had enough.
It was just too high for him.
A favorite for Gunnar is the reptile tent. He always wants to take his picture with one; maybe next year I will be brave enough.
We walked, talked, laughed, and enjoyed being together.
The kids found some free rides...
There is something terribly wrong with this free ride...
Then we sprang for some real rides and games.
A pony ride for a princess.
A dragon ride for a prince.
A boat ride Kate had to ride or I would have brought up all my delicious fair food.
And some other fun games.
Gunnar really wanted to try the ducks. He had two tickets left and the ring toss was close to 8. Jaren convinced the guy to let him throw a couple of rings just for fun. I love the fair spirit: just let the kids try!!
We did walk away with a few stuff animals as souvenirs. ;)
Kate, Adam, Kyle, Emmi, Colleen, and Tim- Thanks for the GREAT time. Hopefully everyone's system has settled from our one "free night". ;) Same time, same place, next year? ;)
Gunnar and Jaren- You two are my favorite people. I love you both more than I love anything deep-fat fried!! Thanks for the fun; I love a night out with my boys-


shannon said...

What a fun outing! I want some of that heartburn inducing food, and a lot of other American food actually. I miss you tons!

Jennifer P. said...

All these photos took like 5 minutes to upload, yet I waited for every single one. I just love looking at your pictures :)! Our fair (aka "white trash festival" :) ) is in 2 weeks. Now I've got my tummy all geared up for fried anything/everything!

Sheryl said...

Wonderful pictures of a great evening! There is nothing like it is there?

Kimberly said...

You didn't mention the Zipper...a fair/carni ride that rivals all others. Fairs are the best. Did you have an elephant ear or funnel cake? More fried food and two of my favorite delacacies found at such venues. The pics are you ever tire of hearing that? I love ya!

Barbra said...

Your pics are great:) I love the fair and it looks like you had lots of fun! I hope all is going well. Have a great day!!!

Rebecca said...

Hey, those night pictures look so great. What setting did you use?

Bethany said...

WOW! What fun pictures! It looks and sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!! Some of my fondest memories are from the fair as a child!! How fun to give something like that to Gunnar! I am sure he won't remember some of these early years, but it won't be long until he will count down with anticipation!!

Thanks for sharing!!