Monday, June 23, 2008

The Lone Man in the Garden: A Bible Story

First God created the earth and everything on it, and then he created man.
Then God gave man woman. And then they gained the ability to make decisions and choose from good and evil.
(This picture is terrible, the shadows, the light, etc. but it sets the stage and I wanted to get something without them seeing me...)
And the rest can be read in Genesis. Yesterday morning the cousins woke up early and wanted to be outside. I caught Gunnie before he ran out with enough time to get him dressed enough for being in the back; Sadie got out before I could get her pants on. Oh, well. I mentioned this in my last post but my sister's garden could be likened to Eden, it is really, really beautiful. She used to have this really cool water feature that unfortunately broke. Gunnar and Sadie found another use for it yesterday. They turned it into a pool and added some balloons to make it even! The water was dirty, slimey, and filled with garden gunk; they could have cared less.
Gunnar has become quite proficient at going potty in the potty; I would say we are, well, trained. Since we have been here though, he has been introduced to the "pee pee tree", the "pee pee rock", and the "pee pee bush". The other night he had to go super bad and couldn't make it to the house. He let loose in the front yard, facing the street. We have been discussing, appropriateness, privacy, and being discrete since then. I actually am just happy he doesn't go in his pants. Back to the garden. Yesterday morning Gun needed to pee. He didn't want to find a tree, rock, or bush so he decided to make a pee pee fountain...
It got crazy from there...
Needless to say everyone went upstairs and had a deep clean in the tub. Thanks for the laugh Gun. xoxo Mommy Mom


~love said...

lol...okay that is hilarious. (as is the comment above.)

i love the garden of eden pic w/ both of them....beautiful. =)

*Jess* said...

I love it!! You sooo need to scrapbook those to show his future wife one day :)

Amanda Tom said...

Your story about Gunnar peeing facing the street reminds me of a good story. Up in San Francisco I was driving with my friend, and I turned to look out the window only to see a little boy who had walked out of a store and was peeing facing the street. Only he wasn't peeing in front of a house, but a store and on a pretty busy street.

Kimberly said...

Oh the memories of summer and being a child. Love em'! I still drink from a something wrong with that? You've captured some fantastic pics and helped stir wonderful, fanciful moments from days past. Thank you.