Monday, June 30, 2008


Yesterday was a gift. My sister, brother-in-law, and parents came home. So we threw a party. ;) We were going to have a party anyway though because someone very special turned 3.
Guess whose pink nails those are? You can't spend 2.5 weeks with your girl cousins and not expect to be "made over". His toes are bluish green; it's called seafoam.
The Greecian Gods and Godesses have arrived home from their journey. I didn't have to do dishes yesterday; that was a gift. I didn't have to change any diapers; gift. I didn't even have to put out too many cousin "fires"; that was a total gift. I didn't have to bathe any children; another gift. And I didn't have to clean to floor or the faces of these piggies after the party; the gift of gifts.
Yes, that is chocolate up her nose. ;)
Sadie turned 3, but dug into her cake like it was her first birthday. She literally stuck her face on her plate and took big bites of her food. I wasn't kidding when I told you that her whole body, not just her mouth, eats when she does. ;)
Some pre-show snaps...
The aftermath.
Gunnar loved it.
I loved that I didn't have anything to do afterwards. It is a huge reprieve to have 4 extra adult voices around.
Welcome Home and Happy Birthday!!


Sharie said...

Funny, I was just saying to my husband how AMAZING you are to travel so far to babysit nieces for so long! But do I hear exhaustion in your voice?? I can appreciate it, and glad for you that chapter is closed!
Great pics, as always.

Rebecca said...

Congrats on being done! You are the best aunt ever and I expect that when we go out of town, you will play Mary Poppins and come to watch my four boys!! Gunnie will love it.

Sheryl said...

Cuties, cuties, sweet patooties! That's what I have to say about you and your babies auntie Kam, mommy mom!

Tonya said...

"gunnar looks cute with that chocolate on his face...and his shirt looks nice"