Wednesday, June 25, 2008

E.T.A = 3 days

The girls' mom and and dad is due home in three days. Until then we continue to party like rock stars.
Gunnar is loving the full backyard with grass, tramp, and water feature. He came in naked tonight. I asked him where his clothes were and he said, "Off." I asked him why and he said he needed to, "make a fountain." That means he needed to go potty in Gunnarese. Why he needed to get naked and why he couldn't come inside is beyond me. Hope these don't make you too homesick J.
He looks like he has grown in the last week; it makes me sad.
He is also loving being with his cousins. Sadie is the closest in age and they are doing really well together, both at playing and getting into trouble. Tonight they made a huge playdough disaster in the kitchen. I was relieved it kept them busy for a few minutes, but was bummed when I saw the mess.
Speaking of messes...what is the same in all of these pictures?
Sadie is such a good eater, but you should see her. Her chin eats, her cheeks eat, her elbows, arms, and forehead eats. She gets food everywhere. It is pretty hysterical to watch. She ate so fast the other night she was sick. I have to tell her to slow down and chew before she swallows.
Gunnar has been funny with food since we came to the cousins'. He doesn't like to have it on a plate. I will serve it to him and he takes it off the plate and puts it on the counter. As long as it ends up in his belly...
These sisters are so sweet and good to eachother. I love watching them comfort and care for one another. If one is hurting the other is there to provide a hug and a laugh. They do things willingly too like get eachothers' drinks or help eachother find something that is missing. I hope Gunnar will be like that with his sister.
I have loved photographing Bri and Bethie. They hold still and love to be infront of the camera. Bethie especially. ;)
She has so much energy; and a laugh that makes me smile.
Brianna had enough paparazzi the other night. Check out those eyes...
Funny Sadie story and then I am off to work on grad homework.
Sadie was lying on the stairs singing to herself. I got up to see what she was doing and found her like this.
When she saw me she said, "Kamee, can you get my baby?"
I told her, "Your baby is right there, reach down and pick her up."
"Aunt Kam, she is too far away and I just can't reach her."
Oh brother.
I walked away and she started singing, "I can't reach my baby. She is going to keep crying until Kam hands her to, la, la, la."
That's good stuff...
Tomorrow we are headed to see a movie; we'll see how that goes and then we are going here. I know; don't be jealous.


ktb said...

um... are you in Utah? Bring those kids to the Bean. Or at least give me a call!

Natalie said...

I am so jealous that you get to go to cafe rio!!!! It has been so long that I have almost forgotten how much I love it. I have a recipe for their pork that is almost as good, not quite but almost, and I have a recipe for there dressing that is I think I might have to make it. It sounds so good.

Tonya said...

Looks like everyone is having a fabulous time!

What beautiful cousins Gunnar has!

I am jealous of the Cafe Rio run...not fair!

Hope everyone is well...


Sheryl said...

Just want to kiss those girls cheeks! Once again the magic of the camera in Kamee's hands! Thanks for sharing...;)

Jennifer P. said...

So fun to hear all the family stories and look at all the pictures too. I love that you let little one keep her dirty face for all the photos---so real and still cute :)!

Have a safe trip home and eat a pulled pork salad at Cafe Rio for me :)!

Crampton said...

Hi, babe
Thanks again for acting as "Nanny McPhee" while we were away, and taking such great care of the kids; they loved being with you and G. I love the pictures, and I can't wait to hang them up around the house. See you soon!
All My Love,