Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Gunnar is officially making deposits in the urinal bank.
This is really, really big news!! Only those of you with children will understand, but I get all giddy and happy inside when I hear the pee hit the water. I am just so stinkin' proud. This is right up there with sleeping through the night, eating solids, watching an entire tv show, earning an Eagle Scout, graduating from high school, attending Harvard, marrying a Rockafeller, and owning a multi-million dollar company. Gunnar, we couldn't be more happy for you. ;)
He is pretty proud of himself too.
Too be honest I was over diapers on a 3 year old. It was getting old. (I know I will have a child back in diapers soon, but this is so refreshing.) I also think he looks so stinking cute in underwear, like a big little boy.
He sports Thomas, Jack Sparrow, and plain grey, black, and charcoal Hanes boxers that are very Calvin Kleinesque, when he is feeling a little more GQ.
I never thought I would have been more thrilled for another person and his ability to relieve himself independently. Congrats Gunnar on another huge milestone. You are the King, mighty on your throne.
It is hard work though getting your bladder to connect to your brain.
Gunnar, your future is bright son. We knew you wouldn't go to prom in a diaper. Congrats boy, congrats.


Trish said...

Kamee, I'm outing myself here. I've been following your blog for quite sometime, coming thru Jennifer P. I am a madly jealous of your photography skills. You are amazing! And you seriously know more beautiful people than I've ever seen in my life.

I just wanted to say H and congratulate YOU on this milestone that has been reached! Good job being patient and letting Gunnar do his thang. I pushed my first to hard and I believe it truly backfired because he was one month shy of four before there was success. My second I took a much more laid back approach and he was not quite three.

Great job!

shannon said...

Yeeehaawwww! Nicely done, G!

hansenfive said...

Congrats Gunnar (a big shout out to the patient parents). We are on day 6 for Paige. Wanted to get that done before the big 3 on Saturday. She's doing great with Dora, The Princesses and Minnie Mouse..(dang cute)

Kate said...

Way to go G! You look so good in those big boy undies.

Rebecca said...

congrats g man. owen could care less and is going to the prom in diapers :(

Jennifer P. said...

YAY GUNNIE!!!---We've been routing for you for a while now :)! I think you just made your mama one happy lady!!!

Britney Sander said...

kamee! gunner is getting so big! how are you??

Britney Sander said...

kamee! gunner is getting so big! how are you??