Saturday, June 14, 2008

Because I Can't Help It: A Sneak Peek

It is 12:01am. I have a huge paper due by midnight tomorrow for grad school, two suitcases in need of packing for our trip to Utah on Sunday, very sleepy eyes, and 4,000+ images from last Saturday's wedding to proof and organize, but I couldn't help sharing a sneak peek from my shoot today.
If I wasn't already in "a family way", I would be trying really hard to get myself there after meeting Baby Preston.
I should have warned you to not look if you get baby hungry easily.
His mom is sure smitten; who wouldn't be? I was.
Love. That's what little babies are: love.
That's just a taste of that yum-a-licious baby. I promise to deliver more Baby Preston, more wedding, and more adventures of a mom and son trip to Utah to take care of three nieces while her sister, brother-in-law, and parents go to Greece.
Off to bed to dream of babies...


*Jess* said...

Yep, he definitely fuels my baby fever!! What a sweet baby :) Great photography as per usual :)

Katrina and Jeff said...

Kamee...I'm sitting at my computer crying. I love the pics. Love the pics. You did good girl!

Kate said...

Oh, those are SOOOOOO good. Why can't I live by you??? I have a 9-month-old, and these are even making me want another one. Like now. Too adorable.

Jennifer P. said...

That is one yummy baby!

I can see now why you haven't been by for a blog visit in a while---busy! busy! busy!!!

Hang in there and remember SLEEPING IS GOOD FOR PREGNANT WOMEN :)!

Sheryl said...

You do know how to bring out the best in our dreamy babies!

Rebecca said...

Kam, darn it I told you the kitchen was closed and if Jack Jack wasn't teething, you would make me seriously consider remodeling the "kitchen" and opening it up once again for business. Just lovely!