Friday, April 25, 2008

A Month Early?

A long time ago. No wait. A really, really, ultra, super long time ago in a land far, far away when I had free hours on my hands, I used to watch a show called A Baby Story on TLC. It came on right after A Wedding Story, which I watched as well. Both made me cry. One scared me a bit, because I hadn't had the experience of birthing a child, but still made me weepy in the end. Myself, and about 10 other people I know, are currently living a baby story.

Thursday, I had the opportunity to shoot one.

This Mommy and Papa (Ray is German and it is tradition to call your dad Papa. I thought that was neat.),


and this little sis, Natalie,


are having a new baby.


Everyone is excited.


especially, Natty. She gives her sister plenty of hugs and kisses. I think that is so sweet, and the thought of two sisters playing dress-ups, dollys, having tea parties, and telling secrets is so idyllic.

I'll tell you what's idyllic. This little girl.


Natatlie will keep her sis busy for sure.


She is obviously attached to her Mommy, but


Papa made her smile uncontrollably when he came home from work and popped in to say "hello". She had so much to tell him about the day. Their conversation was darling.


In between outfit changes JuliAnna made a comment about how she isn't just getting pregnant in her belly region. I had to laugh inside my head. When I get pregnant my feet, toes, even my nose gets pregnant. I know we all feel differently about ourselves when we are pregnant, but I think JuliAnna looks so amazingly SEXY and beautiful, as all women should feel when they are expecting.



Natty, JuliAnna, and Ray live close to the water. I am sure Anika will be a beach baby too; that's lucky. They go often enough for her to already be acustom to the sound of the waves.




JuliAnna, Ray, and Natalie-

May Anika add more spunk,


more joy, more bliss,


and more love to your already sincerely kind and genuine family.


Natalie came a month early; lets hope Anika doesn't. ;) Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn more about you; I had a nice afternoon. I am excited for your family and can't wait to meet the new addition once she arrives. Good luck and take the next four weeks easy. ;)


~love said...

A-N-I-K-A.....i'm so, so excited to see that my little anika is gaining another one in our country!!!! = )

kam--these pictures are GORGEOUS. you did a wonderful job. =)

*Jess* said...

absolutely beautiful gorgeous pictures!

Michelle said...

i never cease to be amazed at how you see the world. beautiful.

Kimberly said...


What amazing pictures and what a stunning family! I love the beauty associated with family. That IS life, is it not? As I look at these pictures I feel like I am walking on sacred ground....thanks for sharing.


Rebecca said...

Ummm...I don't know if I can say this, but these are just the most amazing pictures you've taken yet. They are so beautiful. You should pat yourself on your back, and belly :) for these! They are perfect!

Shannon said...

Seriously, outstanding pictures...truly amazing. I'm impressed Kam.

Jennifer P. said...

I so wish you were around when I was pregnant. I ran from the camera, and now am so sad because I would have really liked one great picture of my belly. Ah well! You did an AMAZING job :)!