Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amorning Mom!

Amorning Mom translated means Good Morning Mom.


I have been hearing that lately any where from 6:00-6:45am. (Which is pretty early when I stay up some nights until 2:00am studying photography or writing a paper for grad school.) The warm salutation is usually accompanied by a toy shoved in my face or a hardback book edge jabbed in my cheek. Good morning to you too Gun. Whatever the greeting or the fascination that comes with it my eyes open to see this sweet face.


Gunnar wakes up happy; it's fun, and makes the early morning easier to handle. He also wakes up ready to play, be entertained, or head out to accomplish our errands. It doesn't take much to get him "rearing to go". The first thing he says after "amorning Mom" is "a play Mom?" This little man doesn't want to waste any time in the day sleeping that could be used wisely for play. He is already so time-efficient.


Sometimes I can tell him that it is too early to be awake and that we need to go back to sleep. Sometimes he listens and falls back to sleep for another hour. Most times he just stares at me like this for a while and then asks again, "A play Mom?" or he will demand his early morning cup of joe, "gimme a chocate mulk Mom, please."


I love it when he will snuggle and read books (he can read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by himself) or tell stories, or talk about the plans for the day, but most mornings he is ready to get "outta bed Mom" and start the day's adventures.


I am happy yours is the face I see when I wake son. Could you work on maybe showing it to me a little later? xoxo Mom


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, you must be so tired! Prego and up after four hours of sleep. Do you know what you are having yet? Are you finding out?

~love said...

ugh! i wish i were as ready to go in the morning as him! = )

you're so right though, it's the best way to awaken: their adorable little faces right in yours!

Jennifer P. said...

Sounds a lot like my alarm clock--toys, books, choco. milk request and all! So much better than an annoying mechanical beep that some people have to live with! The pictures are so adorable!

Take care of yourslef now! Grad school and a business are hard work, but so is making a baby! All my best.