Sunday, April 6, 2008

"I'm a buy this Mom!"

A quick Gunnar anecdote:
Gunnie and I were at Michael's the other day picking up a few things for his pirate party. He found a few plastic animals he really wanted to see and play with for a bit. I told him he could bring them with us while we walked around the store. When it was time to go he put them all back but one.

"I'm a buy this Mom."
"Do you have money for it?"
"In-a here." He thinks he has endless funds in his pockets.

I asked him twice to put the dinosaur back where he found in. He looked at me and with determination walked to the check-out.

"I'm a buy this." He told the lady.

She didn't understand him. (That makes me sad, but I have been with him everyday of his life so of course I understand his language and others don't.)

He said it again, because that is what you do when you don't get results or someone just doesn't understand you.

"I'm a buy this." I stood back and watched to see what he would do, what she would do. She started looking for the funds behind the dinosaur. By this time I had moved to the other register to purchase our "booty". I told the lady to pass the dinosaur to me; Gunnar of course ran over thinking it was going home with us. By the time he got to my side of the register the pre-historic creature had "disappeared". I told him it had to go back to be with it's Mommy and Daddy. He was fine with that answer.

I love his determined spirit. I see it in both his parents. :)

Gunnar- May you always push for what you want, and may you have a good attitude when you don't always get it. Tomorrow is your day little man! After that- no more birthdays! :) xoxo Mommy Mom


Amanda Tom said...

TOMORROW?!?! No way! I can't believe it's his birthday already! I still remember seeing him when you were still in the hospital!

Kate said...

Cute cute story. I loved reading it. Happy birthday to G. I'm with you on the NO MORE BIRTHDAYS policy.

Rebecca said...

Wow, three, really? It seams like we just barely got the cute announcement with his cute sleepy mug on it. I do the same thing with my kids in the store, by the way, it's a great technique, too bad they get so smart and catch on to the "disapearance." Oh and I promise, the first child is the hardest to potty train, the rest are just like "butta." Hang in there. Or send him to my house, we're all pros, except Owen. He'll be in college before he potty trains. Maybe G man and Owen can be roommates with a secret!;)

Jennifer P. said...

What a sweet story! You will love three--and four--though maybe not if there are no more birthdays allowed ;)! I promise they stay sweet even as they get older, and they still need you too--just in different ways.

me said...

Happy Birthday G man - may all your pirate wishes come true. Jacob and Pence both are pirate fans too - they really like the pirate maps. Happy Birthday!!