Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dirty Laundry

I am working on a project for my sis-in-law's company. It concerns washers and dryers and such. It's cool and fun to be a part of. Gunnar and I rolled to our nearest laundromat today for a little inspiration.


Remember the last time you had to fish through your car, the couch, or a roommate's drawers to have money to do your wash?


It makes me laugh a bit thinking of the laundromat stories I have stored in my memory from college. A particular tale concerns my groom. I asked a few questions tonight to clarify the story and I was right, it is just as I remember. If you didn't stay by your laundry then the minute the washer or dryer finished someone was there to remove your clothes and replace them in the mechanism with his or hers. Sound familiar to anyone else? It happened to me all the time and drove me crazy because my clothes were never finished drying (the washers and dryers at my college apartment complex were recreated from WWII scrap metal; you had to run things through the dryer twice, maybe even three times before they were dry. It got very expensive after a while.)


One Saturday after we had been dating a while Jaren and I, by chance, met in the a laundry room to wash, not to do other things. Come on. ;) We chated for a few seconds while switching our clothes. I was a touch embarrassed because my wet load headed for the dryer was my itsy bitsies, if you know what I mean. I quickly put them in my basket and changed them to the dryer. I headed back to my studies and Jaren to his apartment. When I came down to check on my laundry it had, of course, been taken out of the dryer. I found out later it was Jaren that took it out. He told me then and again tonight that it had been sitting there, in the dryer, for a really long time, and that he needed to get his clothes dry too. Sure J.

I don't see you rushing to get my clothes out of the dryer these days. ;)

"Back off, Man! These are my unmentionables; they aren't dry yet."


"I'll just have to stand here and guard this dryer. Seriously, I don't want anyone handling my Thomas or Pirate underwear. They haven't even been worn yet. Geez. I am just washing them for when I am ready to wear them. Until then, I will protect my post so no one touches them prematurely."


"Seriously. I left for like two seconds to get a Gatorade and play a video game. Who touched this dryer?"


"I'll just have to get cozy then and resume my watch."



I used to stay down by my clothes too. I would do my homework in the laundry room sitting on my respective washer or dryer until they had finished, as many cycles as needed.

Gunnar, if you go to BYU I know several people in the neighborhood with washers and dryers at your disposal (your grandparents and your Aunt Kori). Go to their homes. Then you won't have anyone touching your "Thomases and Pirates". They might still be new by then! :) If you go somewhere else, Dad and I will send you extra quarters; you will need them.


I love you little man. I can't believe it is almost your birthday! I have washed your clothes the past three years and will wash them for the next three. After that, it's your job. ;) Thanks for the fun outing. "What shall we do next?"


Kate said...

Such great pictures! That looks like a pretty neat, clean laundromat. I can't remember the last time I had to go to one... and I'm glad for that. ;)
p.s. Quinten just looked over my shoulder and said, "Who's that cute kid? Look at those eyes!" Yes, I agree. Gunnar is a doll.

Paige said...

Ugh, I HATED it when people took my clothes out and dumped them in a wet, wrinkled heap -- especially when UNDERWEAR was involved. I was never so happy to get my own washer and dryer. Cute pictures!! And I agree, that does look like a very nice and clean laudromat. Or is that photoshop? Cuz if photoshop can make my house look clean and shiny, I'll invest in it ASAP!

Kyle Cleveland said...

Nuz! I know exactly what you mean! People are always moving my laundry. :/ They set timers to EXACTLY when the laundry will be done... and once the timer goes off... they pounce! It's crazy. ;)

caitholmes said...

I LOVE THIS POST! I think these are the cutest pictures of Gunnar! And as far as laundry goes....that was by far the worst part of college. My parents sent me up to school with about $50 worth of quarters and I think I ran out in 2 months. I remember having to plan my whole day around when I was going to do laundry and conveniently all 6 washers and dryers were ALWAYS in use whenever I had to wash my clothes. I ended up having to go allllll the way up to the 6th floor or something ridiculous like that with my huge dirty hamper and I was a big, grumpy mess. I can't tell you how many times I left my clothes in the washer or in the dryer and went to class or just did other things and I would be gone for hours on end and then realize 'oh crap! my clothes are going to get stolen!!!!' Anyways, I will tell you more stories in person. Hahaha. Fantastic job as always!!

P.S- I hope this post is grammatically correct. If not..SOOORRRYYY!!! Hahaha.

Joy said...

I am leaving a comment because you struck a nerve with the quarter laundry. I did quarter laundry for a total of 7 years in college and newly married. I figured that i spent about $3000.00 on laundry. I remember that you save quarters like they were diamonds. I still have problems using quarters at stores even now thinking one day i might need them. I recently found out that at BYU now they let you put in your school credit cards at the laundry. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat they don't have the joy of quarter laundry. I am glad i was not the only one who hated those days. have a great day.


hansenfive said...

Cute Kam! I can relate to the new underwear yet to be worn by the youngins. A few weeks ago Paige wanted to wear them, after an hour an accident happened and she wanted diapers again. A few days ago, she wanted to wear panties again, so I got her out a pair..."Mom, are these clean?"
"yes paige"
"So washed them right?"
It was cute...she thought iwas giving her back the dirties...In time...i'll keep my fingers crossed for both of them.

*Jess* said...

I happened across your blog linked by another photography blog. I love it! Your little boy is gorgeous :)

Do you mind me asking what types of cameras you typically like to shoot with? I am by NO means a skilled photographer, but I would like to take a class and am currently in the market for my first digital SLR. Can you recommend a camera for someone who basically wants to learn more about photography and get great shots of her kids? Thanks!
-Jess from SC

Jennifer P. said...

So glad to be past the laundr-o-mat days! the only good thing was that there was an m&m machine in our apartment's laundry facility that would spit out candy for free if you turned the handle backwards. I should probably feel really bad for all the candy I stole while guarding my drying clothes!

Gunnar just looks adorable anywhere you plop him down ;)!

me said...

Yo - is that laundry mat in the OC cause it is seriously fashionable. I agree with Kate 100%, it's his eyes, those beautiful eyes - aren't you proud to have passed on those beauties.

Julia said...

God I hate paying for laundry. Lucky for me that MIGHT be a thing of the past. But the previous commenter is so right---quarters are as precious as diamonds.

Great work as always! And I love the little ultrasound picture [I'm hoping for some pink in your future]:)

Rebecca said...

Kam, the coin laundry makes me a little sick to my stomach. It was so annoying and I have chosen to suppress those memories until now. Oh well, at least those memories will have beautiful pictures that you have taken to blank out the nasty flourescent lights of days gone by. Great post!