Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Pirate

Happy Valentine's Everyone!!!
Today the Valentine Fairy, Love Bunny, Cupid Claus, whatever you want to call the vixen that brings treats on Valentine's brought Gunnie some fun pirate gear! Although it appears to be Halloween, this really is a love bug dressed as Captain Hook.
I, I mean the Love Genie, laid his treats out this morning before he got up. I wanted to make him pink pancakes, or red waffles, but he kept telling me, "No Thanks. Nunnie a busy Mom." Well of course after seeing his new loot, who would have time for such novelties.
Can you guess what he is saying here? ;)
He wanted to wear his new duds in the shower and to his Valentine party at school. (No naked pirate pictures, sorry.) I convinced the swash-buckler to keep them in the car. I am sure he will wear them to the bank and out for errands later. The motorcycle jammies add just a touch more intimidation to the whole get-up don't you think? ;)
"Umm, Mother, this really isn't a true eye patch, but rather a facsimile of what a historical pirate would have worn. As you can clearly observe, my eye, beneath the patch, is completely sane and whole."

Thanks son.
The hook on a bed of hearts; he took it off for two seconds to see what was inside his treasure chest. (Tooth decay. That's what was inside his chest.)

Gunnar- Happy Valentine's Day! You have brought so much love to our home the last 2.5 years. Thanks for all the joy and happiness you add to my day.

Jaren- You make every day feel like Valentine's. Thanks for my fun presents! ;) I am excited for our date tonight!! Yahooo!! I might even do my hair.

Happy V-day everyone! Hope it is filled with love and chocolates! xoxo Kam


Kate said...

Too cute to be a scary pirate! My boys love dressing up in their pirate gear too. So fun. Lovely photos, as always.

Jennifer P. said...

What a fun and creative idea for a Valentines gift. I think including the treasure chest (full of tooth decay!) was perfect :)!

HOpe you had a great night out!

Good to hear your comments again!

Kimberly said...

SUPER CUTE!!!! I love the pictures especially the action shot. Why didn't I think of valentines and pirates? In my single state, that could be a great combination. Forget Cupid - I am all about the Love Genie.

Olivia said...

gunnar is so rad!
um, and then another thing is, you're supposed to talk about the presents jaren gave you so we can all say how great and thoughtful he was.... (unless, of course, he gave you big boy presents, in which case we don't need to know... but you still could've made something up... like a diamond tennis bracelet. I've always wanted to know someone who got diamond tennis bracelets afor presents, and you seem like the most likely one of my friends to get one... no offense, lauren:))

Kate said...

I agree with Livs. We need to hear about the fun presents. And it's true about the tennis bracelet. Kam's the fanciest. :)

Kam said...

Kate and Livs-
You both made me smile. I just changed a gnarly diaper; is that fancy? ;)
I got a super sweet card filled with sentiments of true love, a book call, "Successful Self Promotion for Photographers" and a 28mm lens for my camera. Close, but no diamonds. ;) Ask Lauren. She might have received the diamonds!!

D Baker Photography said...

OMG, I just noticed that we have the same pj's for my littlest one. SO cute. Now I just need a pirate costume :)

Rebecca said...

Hey Kam, I tagged you. So check out my blog and can't wait to see what you have to say. If you don't want to do it, no sweat, but your input and opinions I find interesting and can't help but agree with your taste in good things!

Olivia said...

thanks for sharing, kam! jaren is a prince among men!
p.s. no offense to the other photogs you have listed under "aspirations," but now that you have a business of your own, you need to stop sending peeps over to your competition. that's bidness, girlfriend....