Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Magical Fire Engine


Gunnar needed a haircut. I took him on Monday to a place that is apparently cool, I mean that is what the place calls itself, "Cool Cuts". All I can say is if a place can make my son NOT cry while having his hair cut then it is pretty stinkin' cool. I'd even say magical.

Pre-Game (He is usually ok at this part. It is when we go back to the chairs he starts to get sad and weepy.)
Oh, the re-growth. You know it is bad when you can't even tuck/gel/clip/bobby pin it behind the ears.


The stylist called his name.
"No hairs cut mom!"
"Come on Gun, it will be fun."
"You get to ride in the fire truck!"
He has been to this place at least 3 times before, but Monday there was something special about sitting in a fire truck.


He was chatting like he owned the place, telling the stylist all about himself. She understood nothing; I got everyword. He was doing great until she pulled out the clippers. Then he dug deep in his Nuzman 6 pack gut and found fresh courage. He told her exactly the way he likes it.

"Listen Lady, I like a 2 around the bottom and a 4 on the top. Go slow with the scissors, they scare the toots out of me. And I don't care for the trimmer you use to finish things but I know it is required for a pristine look so go ahead and use the mechanism, but give me warning before you rev it up. Oh, and I hate to have hair in my nose. Got it? Ok. Proceed."


"I'm ok. I'm ok. I can do this. Stop pushing on my head Lady!"


"Hey! I feel hair in my nose."


"Were you listening to me? I said NO hair in my nose. Geez. My mom is paying good money for this service."


Yes, I have back hair, a lot of men my age do. Alright? So what of it? Thanks a lot Dad. Shave it too."


"Does this thing go any faster? I am putting the pedal to the metal. I feel the need, the need for speed."


The engine also had a bell. Gunnie kept ringing it. Maybe that is way the stylist had to hold his marble so tight.




Some finishing touches.
"I usually don't like it "pikey" Lady, I usually like it "sweeping", but today is an exception. Please feel free to use that special pomade madam."


"This is why I'm hot. This is why I'm hot."


My dad used to say when he had his hair cut that he had had his ears lowered. Monday Gunnar lowered his ears successfully without any tears. Congrats, Gun!!


Here's the after shot channeling Maverick himself.


and ummm, urrr, Popeye?


You look good son; you look good. I love you Sweets- Mommy Mom


Paige said...

He sure is a handsome dude!! I love haircutting places aimed at kids. They at least give you a DIVERSION!!

Kate said...

Hey, my boys both got their hair cut at Cool Cuts a few days ago too. That place is pretty cool. Tyson's fine with getting his hair cut. His stylist was quick and his hair looked great. Sam's still in the "I-Don't-Really-Like-Getting-My-Hair-Cut" phase, and unfortunately his stylist went SOOOOOO slow and used the scissors WAY too much (not enough clipper time). Seriously, his haircut took 4 times longer than Tyson's and did not look nearly as good. Oh well. It's over. Just had to let that out.
Gunnie looks GREAT. :) Your photos are amazing as always.

Amanda Tom said...

I remember my grandpa and my parents saying that we "got our ears lowered" when we got our haircut. He was a very brave fireman.

Tonya said...

This is so cute...

Gunnar looks super spiffy with his new doo...What a sweet documentary of the "simple" but very memorable moments of his life...



Rebecca said...

He's such a hotty. Nice commentary!

Kimberly said...


I love your storytelling ability!!! Visual and prose. I love you and hate you for your talent. Why can't i have some of it? Oh well there have to be some of us to admire those with such gifts right? I'll admire with intensity.

Ronee said...

Such a great story. Loved it, and the pics rule. I love when you write what Gunnar says to people.

Jennifer P. said...

Good job Gunnar! My 3 year old has a bowl cut and MAN! is there a lot of sitting still involved in executing it!

Love the photos--especially the lollipop one!

I'm off to check out your photog. site now ;)!

hansenfive said...

Kam, Paige also got her hair cut a few days ago...but i wanted to save $20...so I did it myself....i didn't like it, so i cut it again, so it's pretty short, but she's so cute. Gunner looks pretty spiffy. I love when little boys get new hair cuts.