Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Buns

I love bath time, for several reasons. First, it washes away the little boy funk Gunnar accumulates through the day and makes him smell sweet, like a little watermelon. (That's what his bath gel smells like right now. He chose it at Target the other day; I allowed him to place it in the cart because it smelled like summer.) The other reason I love bath time is because it means the day is drawing to a close and if I am lucky I will be able to spend a few still moments with my groom, alone, on the couch talking, watching our shows, or just being.
I snapped this bath picture actually yesterday morning. He had gotten out of the tub ran towards me and then ran back. I was inspired by his little wet prints and his naked bum with a curious birth mark. (I prefer birthmark over mole. ;) We have to get that removed before his locker days start.)


Ok. Gunnar, newsflash son! Chicks dig their men dry and clean. They also are not at all attrached to the sound of scrunching paper whenever you move. I am not rushing you, nor am I forcing you, consider this a small nudge. Diapers, your current waste management system, are not nearly as cool as the Thomas the Train or Pirates of the Carribean underwear I just bought you.


What do you say little man? I promise the toilet will not eat you. Want to give them a whirl? (Ha, no pun intended. I'm killing myself tonight!) Think it over and we can have more potty talk later. I love you and I love all the progress and growth you are making at whatever speed you want to make it.

Thanks for helping Dad dig holes in the backyard; it is going to be a great place to play soon. Thanks for snuggling next to me when I feel sick; you are the best doctor in this family. Thanks for being who you are: a stinky little boy who loves taking a bath.
xoxo Mommy Mom


Jennifer P. said...

Oh Kam,
How I long to say something deep and witty about your poems--but I have done nothing for over a week but lay in a bed and try not to breathe too deeply because everything hurt so badly. My brain is about as stiff as my muscles. I can only say that I loved them--especially the Robert Frost one.

I have planted all kinds of flowers around our house that provide me with gorgeous arrangements from April till September. I'll for sure post pictures when they start coming up. And I do buy myself flowers from the store every week--though not gorgeous roses like yours. Mostly long-lasting, hardy carnations and the like. I've learned to love them :).

Gunnar is a cutie. Take your time with potty-training. I have learned the hard way that they learn much faster when they're ready, and do not like being pushed into it (not that YOU'RE pushy :)!!). I tried to start boy #3 potty-training a year earlier than I started with his brothers, and guess how long it took me to finally get him all learned up good? A YEAR! Sigh! The underwear are always appealing to them though....

Good luck! I promise if you give me another week or so, I'll be full of charm and wit again :)!

hansenfive said...

Kam, let me know if you find the magic words to the potty training. Paige just comes back with "MOM, it's too hard"....i'm not really sure what that means, but i'm going with it. I just wasn't so happy buying two huge boxes of diapers yesterday...buying one for each kid just irritates me.
I just asked her if she wanted to go, and she said "no mom, i don't want to go, Nash will come in". hmm, excuses!

Olivia said...

aw. i love baby bums. and i love your photos... you know you do the thing with the focus and the blurry? that's my favorite part. i think you are pretty much the most awesome photographer i know. as a super famous person, i say that with all of the power and influence this fame imbues me with. did you hear that olivia fans??? i think kamee is awesome, especially with picture-taking. i will testify in front of congress about this and use all of the influence my vast fame brings with it to bring these facts to light. thank you.... no really, thank you.... oh no, really, you're too muuch... :)

Olivia said...

p.s. sometimes i am having a content (mostly with myself i think) to see who can be the most obnoxious. i usually win.

Kate said...

i love the footprints. cute cute cute. and those roses are gorgeous.

Kimberly said...


Your little excerpts bring me such joy. How I love your little family and how grateful I am to be a part of your extended brood. Love the picture and of course you know my love for words...yours in particular.

shahba-gahba said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for a little while now. Even though I haven't seen you in SO MANY years, it's fun for me to feel your presence here. When I first linked over, I think I said out loud, "Yep, that's Kammee!" I was delighted to see your beautiful family and that your life is happy and fulfilling. Gunnar is adorable! You guys did good. Do us all a favor; make the world a more beautiful place and have some more!