Sunday, February 24, 2008

buds or blooms

Do you like roses better as buds or blooms?



or blooms?


I like buds better. In fact when they start to bloom I feel a little sad, like I want them to stay buds forever, although, I do love the rich fragrance once they bloom. :)

One of my most favorite roomates in college, Rachelle, used to love this singer named Rachel De-Azevedo. Rachel has a show on pbs called Signing Time now, have you heard of it? Anyway, when we were all in school Rachel was an aspiring singer, she still sings, only now she does it with her cords and her hands. ;) Back to college, she had a song that Rachelle would play over and over again. It wasn't a bad thing, in fact I really liked the song, the words stuck in my head though for all these years, and I have thought of them often. This line especially, "If he won't bring you flowers, plant your own, plant your own." I love this! I know we love our men and want them to think of flowers on their own, and to just remember to do something nice here and there, but when was the last time you bought flowers for yourself? or for the sake of buying something so resplendantly beautiful to brighten your day and your kitchen, or wherever you put them? It is quite liberating actually, to just buy flowers. They make for a lovely purchase. I love the women's lib behind the line in the song too. Don't wait for your man to bring you flowers, if you want them, go out and get them... yourself. ;) Or plant them. The aggression from tilling the earth would erase the sadness of your man not remembering to bring your flowers. ;) Plus, the whole idea of cultivating a flower garden feels so surreal and ethereal to me. I do have a lot of dirt in my backyard, maybe some of it will go so a small flower garden.


Emma Goldman commented, "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." Emma, that's crazy talk, but I can see how you recognize a similar beauty found with the two muses.


Here are two rose poems to plant in the fertile soil of your membranes; I hope you read them:

This one is sweet. I also love the comparisson of other objects to roses. Strawberries are my summer's rose.

The Rose Family by Robert Frost
The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes
That the apple's a rose,
And the pear is,
and so's
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only know
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose--
But were always a rose.

The extended metaphor in this one is, well, thorny, but powerful.

A Little Budding Rose by Emily Bronte
It was a little budding rose,
Round like a fairy globe,A
nd shyly did its leaves unclose
Hid in their mossy robe,
But sweet was the slight and spicy smell
It breathed from its heart invisible.
The rose is blasted, withered, blighted,
Its root has felt a worm,
And like a heart beloved and slighted,
Failed, faded, shrunk its form.
Bud of beauty, bonnie flower,
I stole thee from thy natal bower.
I was the worm that withered thee,
Thy tears of dew all fell for me;
Leaf and stalk and rose are gone,
Exile earth they died upon.Y
es, that last breath of balmy scent
With alien breezes sadly blent!

Jennifer, I am expecting great commentary from you. You too Livies. Jessica, I know you have something genius to say too. If you didn't read the poems at least tell me if you would rather gaze at a bud or bloom. :) Have a week full of flowers. In fact, here is a challange for all of you: buy yourself some flowers; put them in a place where you will see them everyday. Then late in the week leave me a commemt about how it made you feel; write a post with a picture of the flowers you bought or planted.

Can't wait to hear from you- xoxo Kam

p.s. Did anyone else love the Academy Awards as much as I did? They are my Superbowl. I will comment on that later. ;)


J-Dawg said...

Ok, Ok I get the "subtle" hint. I will buy you flowers more often. There is nothing more embarrassing than to be called out on your wife's blog. Just for that, instead of grass in the backyard, there will ONLY be rosebushes, the super thorny kind grandmas grow. To answer your question, I love buds...I love you.

caitholmes said...

I am a little bummed that I didn't get a flower shout-out...I'll let it slide this time, but just remember that "Pavs" is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS flower business. Hahaha. I miss you!!!

ps...I like blooms better. Even though they are that much closer to dying you can't beat the smell ;] (Blooms also make me feel like I am Bell in Beauty and the Beast. I always think of that rose that the Beast kept in that glass dome thing, and it was big and beautiful and bloomed, and I just hope that once the last petal falls...POOF! secret admirer is going to turn into a handsome prince and find his way right to me!)

~love said...

i agree with emma....although i'd take tulips, or lilies or peonies over roses even!

i adore how fresh flowers make me feel....and i buy them almost weekly. i love buying the "cheap" assorted bouquets, taking all the greenery & "fluff" out, trimming the flowers about the same height, and packing them together in a vase.

i also have dozens of small assorted bud vases that i put one beautiful bloom in on a bedside table or next to the bathroom sinks. it instantly makes me happy. =)

as far as bud vs bloom....for roses i prefer blooms. =)

beautiful pics as always. =)

Tonya said...

I love the idea of buying flowers for yourself...I adore the feeling I have when Jase brings them home, but it is fun to pamper yourself too...

laughing at Jaren's comment above...pretty cute guy you have there...


Olivia said...

i choose buds... but i also loves me some peonies and runuculas and hydrangeas. on monday i found out that i am highly allergic to daisies... more than mold or ragwort or dust or other allergy inducing substances. i got a scratch test and that daisy scratch definitely bloomed... no buds there... also this post makes me think of georgia o'keefe and her propensity for making people think of certain ladyparts with her flowers. i guess i've designated myself the token dirty girl commenter on your blog... that's pretty much what it's looking like. dirtay....