Monday, March 10, 2008

Old Shoe, New Shoe

Sit back and read a classic favorite of mine and possibly yours.

Old Shoe,


New Shoe.


White Shoe,


Gray Shoe.


One Shoe,


Two Shoes.


The classic story ends there. (Plus weren't you tired of looking at the same pictures? ;))Enter a head shaking, can't-believe-a-parent didn't do a better job noticing story...

If you were thinking this was going to be an endearing post commenting on how quickly my son is growing and how I used his shoes as evidence to prove his growth rate, sorry, you're wrong. This post, embarrassingly enough, is dedicated to those parents who, like Jaren and myself, have not remained as observant as we promised on the day of Gunnar's birth. This tale shares one of those moments all parents have when they come to a realization that they have neglected the obvious needs of their children.

Friday night we headed to Disneyland. We got all geared-up, packed our packs, and put on our good "walking" shoes. Gunnar didn't mention a thing as I put his shoes on. He just kept saying, "So excited to go Mom. So excited." We got there, and like most kids do when they greet the entrance of Disneyland, he took off, smoke trailing behind him; he really was "so excited". Not too long into our stay I noticed he was limping around, like he had hurt himself. I asked him what had happened; he said "nufing, Mom". Soon, he kept telling me, "Nunnie need a hug, Mom." I would pick him up, love him, then put him down, but he would throw his arms up in the air and want to be held. Those "hugs" turned into me carrying him around extended amounts of time. When I did put him down I noticed a funny gimp in his gait, and I suddenly got wise. His shoes were hurting. I asked again what was wrong and if his shoes hurt. He kept telling me that he was fine. I know what it is like to have a pair of shoes that hurt. I also know that sometimes they are just too cute and too fun- so what if they are a size too small, right? I think Gunnar felt the same way. He was having too much fun to let cramped feet get in the way. It's funny, in a way. I have been noticing each morning during bath how much bigger his feet have grown. Did I think that he would perhaps be needing new shoes? Nope. He didn't say a thing to me when I put his shoes on each day. How was I supposed to know he needed new ones? Communication, Gunnar. You have to tell me these things; I will never turn down a trip to go shoe shopping. I am usually really good at noticing when you need a new wardrobe, but some how I missed this one. Sorry, Buddy.

By the end of the night, Jaren or I had carried him 85% of the time. That's a whole lot of pounds to carry. (My arms should be more cut for the amount of time I carry that 41 pound "toddler" around. ) We decided it must be his shoes and that Saturday we would take him for a little shopping.

Continuing with the story.

Small Shoe, Big Shoe.


We measured his foot the next day.

He was wearing a 7.5 at Disneyland. His current shoe size? 10.5. Yep. That's a whole 3 sizes too small. Nobody report us. We love our son and are conscientious of his growth. How did we let this happen? ;) Gunnar never seemed to mind though, and he never really complained. Trooper.

He lucked out too. He now owns 5 new pairs of shoes.

I hear foot binding is making a come back for small white males. ;)

New BIG boy shoe, Old SMALL boy shoe.


Can anyone else commiserate?


Paige said...

Oh, Kam. We have done the SAME thing. To both the girls. I think that at some point their feet just grow at a faster rate than their body. So you don't really notice. And unfortunately it NEVER happens during sandal weather. So you are not alone. At least both of us can sit in CPS together...

Tonya said...

So cute!

Well...a few trips ago to Disneyland...I packed one sandal and one tennis shoe for ava, so whe sported mismatched shoes...I felt like a horrible mommy...but I think it was truly just fitting with her fun personality!

This is a sweet little memory you created...


Danielle said...

Just two months ago Trevor was wearing a siz 10 shoe- he was measured at a size 1 shoe~! No wonder it was hard to get his tennis shoes on his feet :o)! The sad part is that he is kid #3- I should know better by now!!

I thought you were copying the "Foot Book" at the beginning of your blog!

D Baker Photography said...

I have to chime in as well. Over the summer, before school started, we went to the shoe company. Braden was wearing a 10.5 so I told them that I thought we should try an 11.5. The lady measured his foot, and it was a MASSIVE 13.5 I rolled my eyes and told my husband that the lady must be crazy, as there was no way that he went all summer in the wrong size show. Well, boy, was I ever wrong. My poor baby never once complained. He was just happy to be outside. :) :)

Jennifer P. said...

Hello. I'm Jennifer. And I have no idea what size of shoes my children wear.

Crazy! But four boys X random numbers of shoes, shirts, and pants = too many random numbers for me to remember! Plus it's crazy that the old ones wear a smaller number shoe size than the young ones. I just drag them all along and either measure their foot or cross my fingers that the size in their shoe hasn't worn off.

SO don't feel bad. You're apparantley in good company :)!

Clarkes said...

Hey sis Nuzman!!! Oh I totally remember when Cassie and I used to come over and watch Gunnar for you while you taught that little writing class! Good times! I really love reading your blog, its awesome, and I LOVE the pictures! I have been pretty into photography lately myself- very fun.

hansenfive said...

I think Nash's foot grew over night, so we will soon be off to get some shoes ourselves....Paige only gets a new pair because Maddux decided to eat one of them today....i'm thinking Paige fed it to him.
I'm pretty sure Paige is almost an 8...big feet from her mommy.

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh that was so funny and a little painful to read. What's wrong with Gunnar, can't he walk in those little shoes, I can't believe his toes didn't just BUST on out of the fronts. I'm so envious that you just pick up and go to Disneyland, what do you have a season pass? I asked all my kids today if their shoes felt o.k.? Thanks for the reminder :)

Kate said...

Same-ish thing happened to us on a camping trip. We had been wearing flip flops at home, but of course I pulled out the tennis shoes for camping. Sam (or was it Tyson?) limped around the whole trip. I felt so bad. But I think they were just one size too small... not three! This was too funny. Poor Gunnar!

The Routson's said...

How funny! That is such an awsome story, he will laugh when he is older reading it. I can't believe it was 3 sizes too small...classic!

Joanna said...

We always have the best intentions when we aren't moms & dads. It is a lot harder than it are doing a great job!

Olivia said...

I'm coming to Cali in May, around Memorial Day. Will you be too pregnant to go on Splash Mountain with me? I hope not. I hope that you'll ride roller coasters anyway because you go to have your priorities straight, girl--ho's before kids, yo!