Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sneak Peek

Last Thursday I headed to Manhattan Beach for pictures and a nice anniversary dinner out with my man. Here is just a sneak...can't wait to share more and write about this gorgeous person

her spunky brother,

and some of their family. It might have to wait until after Christmas though. My family starts coming into town tomorrow, and I am learning a new computer (switching from pc to mac...hooray for me!!) so it is taking me a bit longer to adjust to a new workflow...;), but here are two to wet your whistle. 


Amanda Tom said...

Nuz you're gonna love the Mac! I just switched too, it's beautiful and I love it!!!

shahba-gahba said...

Yay! It won't take any time to learn, easy-peasy. I have an apple sticker on my car and my hubby has one on his guitar.
We are dorks.

LoveByrds Photography said...

Kamee - I read your blog daily, and LOVE your work! My husband and I have recently started our own photography business and I have to ask, what made you decide to switch to a Mac? I know that most photographers use Mac, and prefer it over a PC. I've heard it is because of better image quality.. but your images are so clear to begin with.. I would have guessed you were using a Mac already! I've always preferred PCs, simply because I am comfortable with them. I think that if the benefits are worth it though, I could see myself switching in the future :)

Again, your photography (and writing)is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Reb said...

Kam Kam Kam. Can't wait to see more. The camera is here and now I insist that you transplant your photography skills into my head. I am shooting a little here and there, but I've decided when I grow up, I want to shoot just like you. Any photog 101 advice? Are you using photoshop? What actions are you using, what do you want for Christmas, are you getting more sleep. I thought I'd throw in some business with personal questions. Love your Christmas card! Love your stinkin guts! Merry Merry.

Kimberly said...


What a gorgeous shoot. And a beautiful family. Such a warm and heartfelt tribute to your former student and friend. She sounds like the type of person humanity is drawn to just because we long to be near someone so good and kind. In the pictures she is radiant....luminous really.

Being in the non-profit sector, I love that this family is so conscious of others and the impact they have on the world.

Kam, per usual....great, clean, sharp, vibrant them!


~love said...

i love the way you "get" people and can express it so well.

merriest of christmases to you, kam!!