Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Babies, Birthdays, and Bounce Houses

I always wanted a baby girl. For all of the materialistic reasons, like the clothes and accessories. I also wanted a girl to be able to hopefully someday have the relationship with my daughter like the one I have with my mom. Another reason I wanted a baby girl was to see her in the strong and protective arms of this man.
I know he has his apprehensions with raising a daughter, but I also know he is going to be one of her best friends.
Another man who I believe is an excellent father is this man. He is so good with his kids. Matt is the only man in our circle that we all agree could quit his job and successfully stay home with the children. ;) (Quick story that made me smile and feel so loved. We spent some time with our friends Matt and April on Saturday night. EVERYONE took their turn with Larkin who decided to throw a fit at their house. Matty was so tenderwith her when it was his turn. He shuusshhed, rocked, swayed; he did everything he could think of to make her comfortable. It was very, very sweet.)
Addie will be close to her dad because he is so understanding and accepting: two traits I have always admired about Matt.
I am also grateful for these two men and how involved they are in their children's lives and the home. They are good men who work hard to help their families be happy. I was glad I had my camera close to snapped this moment of the daughters with their daddies.
Saturday was a birthday. We headed to San Clemente to celebrate the first year of a darling little lady bug.
Emmi turned 1! I still can't believe it. Time feels like sand slipping from my fingers. This bug is the most mellow on the block; she takes after her parents for sure.
I missed out on some of the Lady Bug details from her party because I was too busy chitty- chatting with friends or snapping pictures of the babies.
These two, Larkin and Davis, were born 6 days apart. It has been fun to go through the experience this time with Colleen.
We got a good laugh out of this picture and the dialogue that we attached to it:
"Ohhhh, I love your hair."
"Likewise. I was just thinking the same of yours."
"Where do you have it done?"
"The Jonathan Salon in LA!"
"You are kidding me! That's where I go as well."
"No wonder. I just love what he does. So simple. Only he thinned me out a bit too much on the top last time..."
A couple favorites from the day of the kiddos who will be turning one together...but not for a while...thank goodness!!
And something that rarely happens...A family picture. I wish our last name wasArgyle. Wouldn't that make a great last name...or the name of a band. Yes, we all wore our argyle, and yes, it was planned!
photo credit for the next two shots goes to Kate...;) Great camera work K!
Here's a small taste of the Lady Bug theme...
Where were all the big kids during this party? In the bounce house of course. I love all their expressions like they were talking about genocide in Darfur or something.
Two funny stories that have to be blogged for posterity.
Gunnar's friend Caden is a crack up. He has a really funny personality. Anyway, the last few parties the kids have been to there have been bounce houses. The next birthday we are celebrating is Jesus'. Caden asked his grandma the other day if Jesus was going to have a bounce house at his party. THAT IS GOOD STUFF.
The other story is for Gunnar...During Emmi's party they kids were melting down a bit. We decided to put a show on to see if that would mellow everyone out and give them some rest time. Kyle kept asking Gunnar to come and sit by her on the sofa and hold her hand. He was distracted with something and didn't listen to her sincere pleas for 3 year old human contact. FINALLY, he came and sat down and snuggled by her. Gunnar, someday Kyle isn't going to ask you. In fact she might not even want your stinky face around.(Unless you grow up to be cool I might have to pay Kyle to go to the prom with you. You are lucky she is asking for your attention now!) Next time, if there is a next time, JUMP ON IT SON! Seriously, how slow can one kid be to see an opportunity when it is slapping him in the face?
It was a great party filled with friends and fun! Happy Birthday Emmi! Here's to many many more!!


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*Jess* said...

Jesus having a bounce house!! CLASSIC!!!

Lindsay said...

Love your pictures!! LOVE the Jesus having a bounce house! -classic. you are a wonderful mom, wife, friend, photographer- it radiates through your blog :)