Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Blue Truck

You have to admit it is a bit contradictory. I mean, we preach stranger danger and then we tell, nay force, our kids to sit on his lap and talk to him openly about their greatest desires. No wonder they freak out: big hairy man in a suit that is making him sweat uncontrolably that smells like grown-man persperation, old spice, and a hint of peppermint and their parents going against everything they have instructed pushing them to smile, be happy, and tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Each year parents swarm with willing or unwilling children to the nearest shopping center to see Santa, to capture- immortalize their children at the peak of what is for some of them real terror. Last year, Gunnar walked right up to the old man, got comfy on his lap and proceeded to pick his nose through the majority of the frames. That was the picture we chose: Gunnar picking his nose. It was awesome! This year the Christmas ritual was met with a bit more trepedation.
We met up with some of our dearest friends for a day at one of our favorite places to see Santa, and spend some time together.
We have grown up with Matt and April, figuratively. They have been our good friends since we moved to California, and we have reached some of life's biggest milestones with them. Our boys were born two months apart from each other, and are, as Matt would put it, "Brothers from other mothers." They are BFF for sure. These two are two peas in a pod, cut out of the same bolt of cloth, what other cliches can I use to describe them? They are really close and love each other very much. It is no surprise then that they would rely on each others' strength when asked to do something terrifying.
and his best friend, Caden,
are so much alike. In fact they even go through a lot of the same stages. April and I were lamenting on the phone the other day about how our boys might be getting coal for Christmas.
They both seem to jump though and do what is asked of them if we threaten to call Santa, or Jesus for that matter, and tell them that they have been naughty.
Speaking of naughty...what is it with Gunnar, Santa, and picking his nose? Seriously. I do think it funny though how he is trying to do it so inconspicuously...GET A TISSUE, SON!!
Gunnar kept telling us while we waited that he didn't want to see Santa or even talk to him...Did we listen? NO! Why would be listen to a child who says he is uncomfortable with something? We pushed forward in the line; he would sit on this man's lap, no matter how he felt.
Gunnar and Caden also have sisters in common; they both have one.
Neither of the girls were putting up any type of fight. Girls are just tougher than boys I suppose...;)
Addison...this girl needs to be in commercials...
Look lively Larkee...Come on...it's your debut with Santa!!
We inched closer...Larkin feel asleep...
Gunnar needed a pep talk...
Caden decided he didn't really care about the old man and that he would sit on anyone's lap for candy... I love the look in his eyes here...so full of wonder...
So...did they do it? Did he make it to the man's knee?
Did he ever!!!
Everyone did!
And what did Gunnar ask for? A blue truck. That was the first I had heard of a blue truck. Guess I better find one.
April and Matt, we love you guys so much. So fun to get the team together again. I still can't believe the players we have added. We are grateful for you, your friendship, and that you are just as willing as we are to make our kids feel uncomforable for a great photo opp. ;) xxx Kam
Anyone else have a good Santa story to share?


Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Terrific pictures that tell the story quite well! Yep, I know what you mean about nose pickers....one of my boys is in 1st grade and is terrible about it! Can't say that we've caught him on film-way to go!! Hope you find that blue truck.

Julia said...

All of the kiddos are SO cute. I love the nose picking picture the best. Great work as always, Kam.

maren said...

Love it Kam! Very cute!

Bethany said...

So sweet!! I am so jealous that you got to take your own photos!! We always get stuck with the not so fabulous ones that they take!!

We too make our kids feel uncomfortable for that great photo op!! I mean, really, it is for like 3 minutes a year...they'll be fine!!

Can't believe how big Larkin is getting already! She is really growing up!!

summerzfamily said...

Bridgette was right..... can't wait to hang..... stories to tell....

The Lauper Family said...

Oh, she has those beautiful blue eyes of yours! So sweet. I love visiting your blog!