Monday, May 26, 2008

Sicky Sick Sick

My girlfriend Olivia came to town for a few days from the ever romantic NYC. I greeted her with an In-n-Out burger (something she can't get there). The next day we went to Nordstrom Cafe for a berry salad and a margarita pizza. That night we headed to Wahoo's for some fish tacos. The following day we had lunch at Corner Bakery, and then I sent her on her way with the stomach flu. Seriously. And that, my friends, is the way you treat a guest in your home. Fatten them up, and then give them something to take away all the fat. Livies- I am so so so sorry that you went home sick. Blame it all on Gunnar.

Gunnar has been sick with the stomach flu, and it hit me on Saturday night. I hate to throw up. I know not many of you would say, "Know what I love the best in the whole world? To throw up!", but I seriously hate it so much. It just feels so violent to have your body wretch that way. It makes me cry. I cried 7 times total. I am better today although still shaky and have no plans to revisit the food Olivia and I indulged in last week. I also think I took off some lbs. just in time for some parties/weddings that are coming soon. I know...pregnant and talking about losing weight...

Big fat shout out to Jaren for being the glue the last 1.5 days. He took care of Gunnar and me like a champ. Thanks, Dude. When you get this in a day or two I will be there to hold your hair back too.

Today we have been, I should say Jaren has been painting. I am feeling the pressure to get things done and organized a lot earlier this time around. Since I am feeling it, my general contractor is feeling it too. We are working to get the baby's room, Gunnar's room, our room, the band room (Jaren and Gunnar have a room that is only for them; no girls allowed), and the other room upstairs done. Basically, I want the upstairs done before this new little person arrives. Oh, and I would like the built-in done before she comes too. Can you get to work on that one as well J? Why not right? You have such momentum. Keep going, Baby; get 'er done!!

You all remember our dining room genius brought to our house by my extraordinaryly talented groom last Thanksgiving. I am going to wait to show you the finished producted until I get my decorating hands on it, but here is a sneak at the nursery. Oh, and now it's pink. Very, very pink. ;)


This is my muse for the room. I am going with a cupcake theme. Olivia brought this original from New York. Thanks again Livs; I love it!


Don't worry lonely pink dress, you won't be alone for too too long. (I haven't done any shopping yet. I knew if I started it would be like opening Pandora's box...not ready to go there yet.)
Bec- Thanks for this darling dress. I am so sorry I haven't thanked you properly yet. I will do that soon. It is still her first dress. ;)


And just for fun since I have never done this let's run a poll on our baby names. Vote and tell us your favorite. ;) Dont' be disappointed if we don't choose the winner. The poll, like you already saw it up at the top. Anyone know how to imbed it in my post?

And another shout out to Gunnar for wearing "big boy panties" today! Hooray!! He has yet to make a deposit in the urinal bank, but he is a step closer. Congrats little man!!! Hooray for you!

I took some fun pictures on Saturday before I started losing my cookies. They unfortunately can't be posted because they are a huge surprise, but they are cute; that's for sure!


ktb said...

Thanks for including Birgithe on the poll. I'm going to start campaigning!

Kimberly said...


You've been sicker than a dog and you still manage to post a new blog?! You will the award for overachiever. I can't wait to see the room, I am getting hungry just thinking about it. Love ya girl.


Sheryl said...

You even get sick with style girl! Love your ideas for names, and yes,I voted....Stay well little momma!

Jennifer P. said...

I love Brigitha. It was very popular in Germany--only spelled Brigette, which I guess people here would assume was Bridgette. Sabina (spelled Sabine) was another popular German choice. I love Larkin! And since I shall never have a girl, you are free to steal my names if you want: Lindsay, Sloane, or Gibson. Gunner and Gibson would be cute together :)! Can't wait to see how your room turns out. I'm going to go vote for Larkin now!

Goddess Rhiannon said...

Larkin Tate to be exact! I still love it and may just call her that regardless... HA!

shahba-gahba said...

I just had to vote Big Boy.
My real vote is for Larkin, though.

Sounds feminine and calls to mind images of Meadowlarks and their sweet song.

You are mighty brave to ask peoples opinions!

Kate said...

How lovely that your maiden name makes such a wonderful wonderful little girl's name. I voted for Gracee, though, because I think that's too cute... and sounds good with your last name. However, I would love to hear KTB's story behind Brigithe and why she wants you to use it!
Cupcakes are super cute. A while ago Gymboree had a cupcake line, and Paige has lots of cupcakes clothes and hair things waiting for her to grow into.
And so sorry that you are sickish... Livs too. No fun. No fun at all.

Kate said...

PS. 45 people have voted in your poll so far! You are like so popular. ;)

Rebecca said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better, nothing worse than being prego and puking your poor guts out. I have to say, the closet looks so cute with the dress in it. Baby names are tough BTW, Baby Boy is such a great and unique name, I have a friend whose girl is also Baby Boy, so perhaps not that original.

Olivia said...

i loved hanging out with you and gunnar. it was totally worth the vomit and tears that followed:) i think you should name your baby after me, since i basically got morning sickness in order to contribute to her room decor:)