Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rockin' Rollies

As a child I loved it when it rained. Mostly because we got to stay in at recess and play heads up 7-up. I also loved it because it brought out the snails. I used to collect them and make little houses for them out of shoe boxes. I know. More weird details about me. I have never really been bugged by bugs (Pun intended. ;)). That's a good thing because I encountered several a species in Ecuador. I had a small adversion for fleas at one time though, I'll admit. Only because they were in my bed and wouldn't go away. That's another story. I think most children go through a phase were they are interested in bugs. It is almost a rite of childhood passage to have an affinity for pill bugs, or as Gunnar calls them rockin' rollies, or as other children have lovingly named them rollie pollies.


Wednesday is park day. Gunnar and I head to the park to meet up with friends, of mine, and his. The play equipment is usually enchanting, and occupies them for at least an hour. Yesterday, however, they were much more interested in catching and playing with some rockin' rollies. They caught big ones, small ones, fast ones, slow ones.


There was one point in their "play" when Gunnar wanted to show me how "fast" his could go. Soon, we created a small pollie huddle to watch the bugs "race". There little pincher fingers could barely pick up the bugs. In fact it was hard for the hunters to keep track of their own bug. They would try and pick them up and then they would slip from their grip.


At one point Cole, head pollie racer and most sagacious pre-schooler, said, "We should have brought a magic marker to write our names on their backs so when they fall we would know whose is whose."

I nodded my head adamantly. "Yes. That would solve this problem immediately. Wouldn't it?"

"Do you have a magic marker?"

Diaper. Check. Snacks. Check. Water bottle. Check. Magic Marker. I will remember to bring that to the park next time.

Gunnar, Cole, Payton, Caden, Ethan, and the toughest bug-hunting girl I know to run with all those stinky boys, Ella-
May you always find something in life that fascinates you as much as those rollie pollies did yesterday.
May it be a bit more sanitary.

Thanks for including me in your discoveries and fun.

I am sure we left a lot of dead pill bugs at the park yesterday.


ktb said...

Um Kam - they are actually called Armadillidium vulgare.

Although I was called them potato bugs when I was a kid.

Tonya said...

Ella says...

"uh...this is Ella...I am the best girl bug catcher in the world...I had a lot in my hand...and I am the bestest in the whole world...that is it...did you say it Mom???"

yup...Ella...I think we are quite clear...

She thought it was fun to have her name up here...


caitholmes said...

I am very surprised that you didn't bring a magnifying glass or a microscope to look at the rockin' rollies. I would have thought that those two things would be at the top of your check list before you hit up a bug infested place like the park. You used to always talk about all the weird things that you liked to look at up close...I'm a litle disappointed.

Oh and I know that i forgot to e-mail you bck about Mondays and Wednesdays this summer...we're still a go! I thought that I would write you a comment on here instead, because I know how much you love comments!!

Sheryl said...

Nothing like a boy and his bugs. Or a really awesome girl and her bugs. I am with you girls, they are interesting little creatures. Some I like to touch better than others, actually, gummie worms are the favorite!!

thanks for sending me the love at my blog inspire me!

love you!

Jennifer P. said...

I was never, ever into bugs. Eeew! I'm trying to embrace them for the sake of my 4 sons, but it's going to take some time (and therapy :)!).

Guess what I did today? Re-enrolled myself in school with an English/Writing major. I might be a year or two behind you on the Masters, but I'm pretty thrilled. If I have to re-invent my life, I'm happy to be doing something I love!