Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We are back. Everyone and everything made it but my suitcase. Argghh. I am going down to the neighbor's right now to do my hair and make-up. I need my tweezers too; my eyebrows need some serious grooming.

Great trip. There will be a very long post with lots of pictures soon! ;)

Gunnar loved seeing his Grandma! Here's a sneak peek of our trip home.



Anonymous said...


You are my hero! Just caught up on your past three posts. You rock sister! I can't wait for the upcoming...the teaser definitely has my attention. What a great shot and one that will be so meaningful to Gunnar as well as Grandma as the years drift forward. A wonderful moment frozen in time to "help us remember."

DeAnne said...

Kam I'm so sorry about your suitcase. That is my worst traveling fear! Luckily it looks like you got the important things home. You guys, and your camera! Hopefully your suitcase will make it back to you safe and sound also!