Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sneak Peek and a Gunnie Funnie

We are almost ready for the big reveal. Only a few details left and the nursery will be open for viewing...
more to come...soon...
Yesterday I was shooting some pictures. Gunnar spent some time with his best gal, Kyle, while I was away. Kate told me something funny when I picked him up. Bobby, Gunnar's blanket, is definately on his last leg, but we keep giving him some tlc in hopes that he will make it another day. He isn't as attached to the blanket as he used to be but he still does like it to accompany us where ever we go. Anyway, Kate and Gunnar were talking about Bobby. Kate asked Gunnar what Bobby smelled like, because I am usually joking about how he smells like pee and disease.
Kate asked Gunnie what he smelled like and Gunnar said, "Pee-Pee."
Kate said, "Let me smell him."
Gunnar surrender Bobby momentarily. Kate took a whiff and replied, "No! He smells like soap." Gunnar stole him back, breathed Bobby in deeply and responded, "Nope. He smells like pee-pee."
That kid can sniff out his blanket anywhere.
Bobby is currently in the washing machine. I had to sneak him away during nap time.
Gunnar is having a fit right now over not having his blanket.
Apparently he prefers the pee-pee odor.


shahba-gahba said...

How exciting to have the nursery almost done.
Thanks for the peek and the Gunnie funnie.
Are you considering posting belly pictures?
My vote would be yes, please!
: ^ )

Bethany said...

HI there! So I found you a long time ago through Jessica Claire but didn't keep up. And then Tonya and I were e-mailing back and forth about Disneyland pictures and I was talking about these amazing shots of a cute little family in a tea cup and she said that she knows you (or knows of you or something...I can't remember all the details)!! Anyway, I found your blog again when all that came about and I have been following along ever since!

Anyway, I love your stories and your pictures and I can't wait to see that room!! I am planning a cupcake party for my soon to be two year old so I am obsessed with anything and everything cupcake! I had never even thought of it for a room, but what an original idea! LOVE IT!!

I'll be checking back in to see the big reveal! What I can see so far looks amazing! Can't wait for the rest!

Jennifer P. said...

Love the nursery already! It's "sweet sophisticated".

The blanket story cracked me up. I still remember the post you did about trying to swap out Bobby with an imposter blanket, and how Gunnar knew just by the smell that it was a fake!

Pee and disease---you're a hoot Kamee!

Rebecca said...

Kam, if and when we ever move, will you sell your deocrating services to me? That room looks downright delicious! I'm dying to see the rest!

Sheryl said...

Delicious indeed, my thoughts too! Can't wait to see what your little angel in pink gets to be surrounded by for her first few peeks at the world! Of course other than her sweetest momma, daddy,and Gunnie Bro!

Jodie said...

Wow, can't wait to see the rest of it! Who did the wainscotting? I love your blog!

Ronee said...


I love this room!! Can you tell me where you got that art? I would love to put a cupcake similar to that in my baby girl's room.

The wainscoting looks fantastic!

Congrats on all the success!