Monday, July 28, 2008

The Cousins: A Reunion Tour

Guess who's in town? Gunnar is loving spending more time and playing with the cousins, only this time it is on his home court.
Anyone else love fun dip?
These green tongues also remind me of a series that used to be on tv called V. Anyone remember it? It was about these lizard creatures that lived inside humans. I was terrifingly fascinated to it. I watch a few shows that gave me the worst nightwares and landed me in bed with my parents for weeks. I wasn't allowed to watch V again after that. Funny how all those creepy memories rushed back when I saw these lizard tongues.
More fun from the family coming soon-

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Shannon said...

I was SOOO into that show. Do you remember when the woman gave birth to the lizard baby? That was some intellectually stimulating T.V. time. Glad to know I'm in the same company as you Kam, as far as quality shows:)